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  • TWO JAKES: Two Complete Jake Scarne Thrillers

    TWO JAKES: Two Complete Jake Scarne Thrillers

    The first two books in the Jake Scarne thriller series: ---SOUND OF BLOOD: In this, the first Jake Scarne thriller, the rogue New York City cop turned private eye is sent to Florida by a grieving father to uncover the truth about his son’s death -- only to be caught in a chain reaction of revenge involving a financial empire built on murder, sex and fraud. Bodies pile up as Scarne finds himself in the crosshairs of a powerful media baron, vicious mobsters, homicide cops, the F.B.I. – and a beautiful, amoral woman. ---MADMAN’S THIRST: In his second outing, private eye Jake Scarne, haunted by his last case, has been letting himself go physically and mentally, content to cash easy paychecks. But then his best friend asks for a favor he can’t refuse. Seeking personal and professional redemption, Scarne sets out to find out who is behind the rape and murder of young girl. The police are convinced the brutal crime was random. But right from the start Jake knows better. The only problem: He can never reveal the source of his information. The one person, a stone killer, who can prove what really happened has disappeared, and may even be dead. The seemingly hopeless search for the man pits Scarne against an assassin for the ages whose shadowy employer cannot afford to have the crime solved. 653 pages

  • Next Song I Sing: Book One of the Next Time Around Series

    Next Song I Sing: Book One of the Next Time Around Series

    They say life gets more interesting after 40. Chloe hopes it's true. Freshly divorced at 40, Chloe has few illusions left about her ability to make any of her dreams come true. She is never going to be thin, never going to be a famous singer, and obviously never going to be sexy enough to keep a man like her handsome ex-football player husband from cheating. Thank heavens she at least has great friends. Celebrating her return to Cali with a long weekend at the 5-star Blue Skies Hotel and Spa with them seems like just the thing she needs to jump start her “do over” post-divorce life. How much Chloe ends up liking sexy owner, 45 yr old Jasper Wade, is a surprise though. So is the way Jasper's unrestrained kisses send lust and renewed hope singing through her. 203 pages

  • The Ghost of Blackwood Lane

    The Ghost of Blackwood Lane

    For years, the witness protection program has kept Gary Foreman safe from the horrors he left behind. He’s got a new career and new friends, but they can never know his real name or where he comes from. But the program can’t protect him from the relentless dreams of a young woman in danger. It’s the same dream, night after night, and Gary is helpless, unable to stop the dream’s inevitable and horrifying conclusion. The woman seems strangely familiar…is she someone from his dark past? Is she even real? All he knows for certain is that she needs his help, or she will die. 302 pages

  • TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE (A Kate Stanton Hollywood Mystery Book 1)

    TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE (A Kate Stanton Hollywood Mystery Book 1)

    A young runaway takes refuge in a makeshift shack under the Hollywood Freeway, forcing the autistic woman in it to find milk for her sickly newborn – a search that ultimately ends in tragedy when the woman is run down by a hit-and-run driver after a violent confrontation with several teenagers. When one of those teenagers, seventeen-year-old Karen Devane, is implicated in the woman’s homicide, the tabloids are quick to exploit the tragedy, thanks to Karen’s recent antics as a spoiled Tinseltown “celebrat” riding on the coattails of her famous grandmother, the legendary Kate Stanton. Complicating matters is the dead woman’s daughter, who’s determined that Karen be held accountable for her mother’s death, even after the charges against Karen are dropped. With tensions between Karen and her family near breaking point and the paparazzi relentlessly hounding her every move, Karen makes a startling discovery which finally puts her on the road to redemption – and links the dead woman to her beloved grandmother. Karen’s discovery raises a host of troubling questions for Kate, forcing her to revisit the horrors of her past in search of answers. But Kate soon realizes that some questions are better left unasked after a seemingly random shooting leaves her granddaughter fighting for her life and Kate scrambling to stay one step ahead of a killer who’s determined to end her life in order to save his own. 365 pages

  • Queen of Someday (Stolen Empire Book 1)

    Queen of Someday (Stolen Empire Book 1)

    Before she can become the greatest empress in history, fifteen-year-old Sophie will have to survive her social-climbing mother’s quest to put her on the throne of Russia—at any cost. Imperial Court holds dangers like nothing Sophie has ever faced before. In the heart of St. Petersburg, surviving means navigating the political, romantic, and religious demands of the bitter Empress Elizabeth and her handsome, but sadistic nephew, Peter. Determined to save her impoverished family—and herself—Sophie vows to do whatever is necessary to thrive in her new surroundings. But an attempt on her life and an unexpected attraction threatens to derail her plans. Alone in a new and dangerous world, learning who to trust and who to charm may mean the difference between becoming queen and being sent home in shame to marry her lecherous uncle. With traitors and murderers lurking around every corner, her very life hangs in the balance. Betrothed to one man but falling in love with another, Sophie will need to decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice in order to become the empress she is destined to be. In a battle for the soul of a nation, will love or destiny reign supreme? 262 pages

  • Player Choice

    Player Choice

    What happens when unreality becomes reality? Game designer Glen Cullather is about to find out. Player Choice is a fast-paced gaming sci-fi adventure! It's 2040. With neural implants, people can play games in an immersive virtual reality known as the aether space. Game designer Glen Cullather has a plan for the most ambitious aether game ever imagined: a fantasy epic that gives players the freedom to do anything. But Glen's own life is fragmenting into alternate realities. He can't tell whether his aether game idea has succeeded, or failed miserably. And Freya Janoske is either his biggest rival, or his most intimate partner. Glen must figure out what's real and what's, well, fantasy -- for his own survival! 277 pages

  • Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)

    Where Bluebirds Fly (Synesthesia-Shift Series Book 1)

    Verity Montague is a servant in 1692 Salem. Her flaming red hair and mismatched eyes make her a prime target for accusation of witchcraft. Orphaned during the Indian raids, she and her brother with Asperger's Syndrome come to live with the key historical figures of the trials-The Putnams. They keep their synesthesia secret- that days, months and years appear as color in Verity's mind, and for John, that symphonies play in a Fantasia-style performance of colors and geometric patterns. Truman Johnstone 's ability to discern people's expressions, and decipher if they were lying- made him an outspoken child. Being different kept him from being adopted till he was fourteen. He now runs an orphanage for problem youths, and is a feeding therapist in his desire to help children deal with their peculiarities. To give them the childhood he never had. The harvest festival corn maze Truman creates every year has an unwelcome visitor. Children hear disembodied voices skipping through the corn maze amid the backdrop of eerie orchestral music. In every year of the calendar, intermittent doors of time swing open and closed, so long as the cornfield stands. In societies set on sameness-all are outsiders. They learn the traits that make us outcasts, may be the very ones that make us great, and that true love may heal all, and even transcend time. 259 pages

  • Ripples After Death

    Ripples After Death

    Anthony Lopinto first meets his son, New Orleans attorney Sergio Messina, after a twenty-seven year absence. He tries to make up for lost time but soon realizes his son’s childhood scars will not heal unless he explains his secret past. But Anthony can’t do that as long as he is alive. Sergio spends three short years with his father, always afraid to talk about the past for fear of losing him again. Then Sergio finds Anthony’s body riddled with bullets and embarks on a dangerous course that leads him to Sicily where he discovers answers to the question he never asked. Why did Anthony avoid me all those years? But Sergio is not alone. He is shadowed at every step by an assassin, Damien LeClair, who is searching for Anthony’s autobiography, a book that, if published, could end the reign of the powerful Sicilian Don, Giuseppi Vitelli. Sergio doesn’t have Damien’s underworld skills but his father teaches him how to survive. He guides Sergio via encrypted messages and leads him to Gina Richi, the girl Anthony handpicked as Sergio’s mate, and together they discover what Anthony couldn’t tell Sergio while he was alive. 324 pages



    From the moment Bethany Warner was born, Sheriff Tanner Montgomery was on the run. And he was only four at the time. Their mothers’ matchmaking efforts finally ended when Bethany’s family moved away. Now, ten years later, she’s coming back to Ruby Creek and his mother is up to her old tricks again. Tanner is happy with his life just the way it is. No emotional entanglements. No wife or child to worry about leaving behind if something should happen to him in the line of duty. Then Bethany returns, all grown up and sexier than sin. Now he’s on the run for a whole new reason. Growing up, Bethany idolized Tanner. He was the HERO OF HER HEART. But to him she’d been nothing more than a tag-a-long little kid. Too tall, too thin, with unruly curls and teeth she could whistle through. That was then. Now she’s coming back to Ruby Creek, a successful, confident businesswoman, and no longer the ugly duckling she had once been. Can Bethany convince Tanner to give love a chance? And if she does, will it be everything she had always dreamt it would be? 310 pages

  • Murder in Tropical Breeze (Tropical Breeze Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    Murder in Tropical Breeze (Tropical Breeze Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    Strange winds are blowing in Tropical Breeze, Florida. When Vesta Cadbury Huntington, one of its oldest, wealthiest and most eccentric citizens, dies in her sleep, nobody is surprised except for Vesta herself. It wasn't her time, and she didn't appreciate being bumped off into the Land of the Dead prematurely. The granddaughter of an archaeologist, she calls upon an Egyptian goddess for help. Bastet, the protective cat goddess, responds, and Taylor Verone, Tropical Breeze's modern-day cat rescuer, is going to help - whether she wants to or not. 225 pages

  • A DANGEROUS HARBOR (A Romantic Mystery Sailing Trilogy Book 1)

    A DANGEROUS HARBOR (A Romantic Mystery Sailing Trilogy Book 1)

    When Katrina Hunter is forced to shoot her sister's stalker, she takes the required leave of absence from the SF police department as her chance for a long over-due sail to Mexico. But when she discovers a floater close to her first port-of-call, she naturally does the right thing; she reports the dead body to the Mexican Navy. Except that doing her civic duty brings her into the Ensenada police station where she comes face-to-face with her unfortunate past. A past that could cause her to lose her hard won position as a detective in the San Francisco police department. Though the handsome, Italian-Mexican investigator, Raul Vignaroli, finds Katy attractive, he is quick to take advantage of her secret. Now, instead of releasing her, he chains her boat to the dock. Though Katy is furious, Raul coerces her with a combination of Latin charm and subtle threat into helping him uncover which of the American sailors in this small Baja port is a killer. 274 pages

  • Forests of Farallon

    Forests of Farallon

    How can Jeremy sit through another boring high school class when his life has been turned inside out? His older sister, Sasha, mysteriously went missing months ago, leaving him to care for his kid sister and older special needs brother without her. But Sasha needs him, too. She’s alive and he knows it. His search for her leads to an unknown realm of primitive people and incredible creatures. Jeremy finds himself an accidental participant in a death race that holds civilization in its claws. 303 pages

  • Grip of Mortality (Imprint Series Book 1)

    Grip of Mortality (Imprint Series Book 1)

    The curse of the Cortez family followed Mira Cortez and a decision needed to be made; it wasn’t if she will go but a matter of when. Mira won’t sit by and wait while her mate is sent on a mission that could end him and their chance to break her family’s curse. She must join her mate and use her hidden ability to protect him and their way of life, before they all become Endangered. The family of wereleopards must battle for their lives against their greatest enemy... their own family. With the odds against them, everything depends on The Cortez Quintuplets. Combined they’re a force to be reckoned with but when Rozar Cortez meets her mate, everything changes. With all on the line, she must choose: continue to fight with her family and use her curse ability or take a chance on love even if he’s not what he seems. Will Rozar follow her heart or will she face being trapped by the Grip of Mortality? 234 pages

  • Black Bird

    Black Bird

    Jack Terrington, the nation's most prolific serial killer, returns to the scene of his first murders, a small town he'd escaped only by dumb luck. Jack Terrington has an aptitude for getting away with murder; he’s been doing it for twenty years. He’s a drifter, leaving a trail of fear and death from coast to coast. And though he’s always avoided capture, he’s haunted by the memory of Liberty, Virginia—Jack had escaped capture only by dumb luck. And that’s always bothered him. Now, before he retires for good, he’s returning to the small town to settle the score. Meanwhile, David Beaumont couldn’t wait to leave Liberty—he was tired of listening to the endless stories about what a great man his father had been, how he had saved Liberty from a killer, sacrificing his own life. David’s starting a new life, but when the killings start again, David’s the only one that can stop them. Should he return to the town he despises? And if he does, will he end up like his father—dead?” 522 pages

  • 6 Digit Passcode

    6 Digit Passcode

    Nearly one hundred years after the fall of humanity, the world has been taken control of by robotic creatures called ‘Digits,’ who use humans for the sole purposes of labor and war. The country has been divided into six sections of control, and travelling between these divisions is strictly prohibited. After their home is ransacked and their parents are murdered, sixteen-year-old Everly Garrow and her little brother Fray become orphans. They are taken in by a neighboring family, but soon discover that the circumstances of their parents’ deaths put them both in danger as well. Everly sacrifices her safety for her brother’s and joins forces with the very people who may be responsible for tearing her family apart. But when she discovers a secret about her mother that threatens her own life, Everly learns that there are enemies all around her – some even closer than she could ever have imagined. 285 pages

  • The Bloom Trilogy: Books 1 & 2 (The Bloom Series)

    The Bloom Trilogy: Books 1 & 2 (The Bloom Series)

    Experience the first two books in this epic, action-packed trilogy. Chosen individuals have been gifted with extraordinary abilities in order to restore balance to the world. HAVEN KINCAID is seventeen. After moving away from her friends before the start of her senior year, she struggles to fit in at her new school. When the boy of her dreams shows interest, she finally has a chance to be normal—but Haven is more different than she realizes. After a tragic loss and a deep betrayal, she is kidnapped by a sinister group that will do anything to extract a deadly ability she can barely control—even if they kill her in the process. COLTON ROSS is fresh out of high school. Driven by a desire to escape his abusive father and haunted by the memory of an absent mother, he moves to New York City to start over. When a favor for his friend backfires and he ends up in jail, Colton is bailed out by a mysterious businessman who offers him the chance to strengthen his new-found power and discover the truth about his past—a truth that will set him on a quest for insatiable vengeance. 491 pages