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  • Tennessee Waltz (The Homespun Hearts Series, Book 1)

    Tennessee Waltz (The Homespun Hearts Series, Book 1)

    When Sarah Channing's fiancé hardens his heart toward a needy child named Mairi, the New York Socialite puts her wedding on hold to locate the child's only relatives, hidden deep in the Appalachians. Arriving at Sawback Mountain, Sarah meets Wyn, Mairi's handsome older cousin, and finds herself wishing for something she doesn't have: a glimmer of beauty. Wyn had his fill of beautiful city-bred women during his time in Washington, DC, as a senator's aide. Yet he's impressed by Sarah, working hard to gain the love and respect of the mountain folks. But Sarah is making mistake after mistake as she tries to use her money and influence to improve the lives of the children. Perhaps the proud mountain folk are right: a cultured socialite, even one without beauty, has no place on their mountain or in the heart of a mountain man who's vowed to never again leave the life he loves. 304 pages

  • Dark Hope (The Devil's Assistant Book 1)

    Dark Hope (The Devil's Assistant Book 1)

    Claire, the Devil’s assistant, knows very little about the world she was dropped into five years ago, when she inherited her mother’s unpaid debt to the Demon King. She certainly didn’t expect to be a contender for the Fallen Queen’s throne, a target for the Druid King’s mafia, or a suspect in the murder of Junior, the Devil’s oldest hell spawn. In a last ditch effort to save her life and get out of her deal with the Devil, she sets out to solve Junior’s murder only to be taken prisoner by the four most dangerous immortal hell spawn alive. Not to be out done, the Pagan Queen Mab, claims Claire for entering her realm uninvited. She has an old debt to settle with her brother the Devil. Taking Claire from him after losing her years ago is just icing on the cake. Will Claire win her freedom, and save herself from the Devil? Or be trapped by Mab forever? 280 pages

  • Countdown Mystery (A Mark Lee Thriller)

    Countdown Mystery (A Mark Lee Thriller)

    Mark Lee is a rare creature indeed. Quite possibly, he’s the luckiest man in the world. But is it possible to have too much luck? Mark is a millionaire who made his fortune through sheer providence. He has several mansions, a pop star girlfriend, and more money than he can possibly spend. He’s arrogant, daring and sailing through life like a kite on a string. His latest stunt is a lawsuit against one of the largest banks in the world, the multi-national Hussein Bank, run by Rauf Hussein. With Mark’s luck, he’s sure to win, but is winning everything? Mark Lee has simply pushed too many buttons and garnered the attention of some really powerful people who are willing to put his luck to the ultimate test. Rauf Hussein and his global network of billionaires decide to make a wager, against the indomitable luck of Lee. It’s an underground blood sport, a game of life and death where billionaires from all over the world can bet on the chances of Mark Lee surviving to see another day. He’s already world-renowned for his extraordinary luck and cavalier attitude towards life, so Mark Lee quickly becomes the ideal candidate for an assassination experiment with a billion dollar jackpot. They’ve stripped away his reputation, his freedom, his loved ones, everything. Now, they want to hunt him down and kill him. Surely, Mark Lee should crack under the pressure of a nationwide manhunt and a secret network of pissed-off billionaires out to see him squirm. Yet, somehow he manages to keep fighting back. As the bets come raking in, Mark gets closer to finding out exactly who is responsible for his recent troubles with fate. Lee better hope his luck doesn’t run out in this gritty tale of fortune, fame and revenge. 364 pages

  • Crossing (Open Door Love Story Book 1)

    Crossing (Open Door Love Story Book 1)

    He stole her lipstick … and her heart. Twenty-year-old Dani Walker can’t believe her luck when she’s paired up with the gorgeous Liam Garrett as her Acting I scene partner – or when he ends up in her bed. Being a Plain Jane with a mouth on her hasn’t exactly served Dani well in the guy department. In fact, she’s had nothing but one night stands. Still, she lets go of her insecurities and falls for Liam, despite feeling like he’s holding something back. When Dani finally discovers Liam’s secret, she must learn the true meaning of accepting the ones we love for who they are, or risk losing the best thing that’s ever happened to her. 256 pages

  • Death on Daytime: A Tess Darling Mystery (The Tess Darling Mysteries Book 1)

    Death on Daytime: A Tess Darling Mystery (The Tess Darling Mysteries Book 1)

    TV producer Tess Darling is a gorgeous, grubby blonde who skids across bars, and bounces off men to escape the shadow of her famous father, eminent broadcaster Darcus Darling. When a presenter on her show is murdered, it’s Tess who is thrust into the spotlight however. To save the jobs of her TV crew - including her best friend Miller – she’s forced to turn investigative reporter. Probing the dark underbelly of daytime TV, Tess encounters ruthless stars, bristling talent agents - and vicious competition from her own father. Will Tess prove the failure he’s always held her to be? Or can she stop the killer before they strike again? As the stakes rise, inhibitions drop: Tess may have strapping cameraman Miller by her side, but it’s stern Detective Selleck she’s got her eye on… 310 pages

  • Gift of Saturn (Gift of Saturn Series Book 1)

    Gift of Saturn (Gift of Saturn Series Book 1)

    After being attacked three years ago, all Paige Weston wants is to make ends meet. She goes to college and does her best to keep her brother out of trouble. When a fight with a customer forces her to give up a day of pay, she tries escaping everything that weighs her down with a night at Scorpio, a new hotspot in the city. She regrets trying to be normal as soon as she enters, finding the past has come to haunt her. When she hides away to clear her head, she is thrown into a new threat she never thought possible. Everyone is connected to a planet, though most go all of their lives never knowing that their intuition connects them to Pluto or that their charm binds them to Venus. Paige learns that her protective nature marks her as a heart of Saturn. She wants no part of this insanity, but when Mars, the planet trying to unbalance the powers by making slaves of innocent people, takes dangerous interest in her, Paige must do something. She dives deeper into the chaos and tries to hold onto herself. She isn't crazy. She isn't her father. But she is being hunted, and she must take the advice given by Saturn himself... Be On Your Guard. 304 pages

  • Carpe Noctem (Immortalis Vampire Series Book 1)

    Carpe Noctem (Immortalis Vampire Series Book 1)

    Becoming a vampire is easy. Living with the condition...that's the hard part. Newbie vampire Alyssa never asked for this life, but now it's all she has. Rescued from death by Lysander, the aloof and sexy leader of the Peregrinus vampire clan, she's barely cut her teeth before she becomes a target. Kallisto, an ancient and vindictive vampire queen – and Lysander's old mate - wants nothing less than final death for her former lover and his new toy. She's not above letting the Acta Sanctorum, and its greatest vampire hunter, Santino, know exactly where the clan can be found. With no time to mourn her old life, Alyssa's survival depends on her new family. She will have to stand alongside Lysander and fight against two enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them. 301 pages

  • Seniors Sleuth (Winston Wong Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    Seniors Sleuth (Winston Wong Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    Winston Wong used to test video games but has left his downward spiraling career to follow in the footsteps of Encyclopedia Brown, his favorite childhood detective. When the Pennysaver misprints his new job title, adding an extra "s" to his listing, Winston becomes a "Seniors Sleuth." He gets an easy first case, confirming the natural death of a ninety-year-old man. However, under the surface of the bingo-loving senior home is a seedier world where a genuine homicide actually occurred. Winston finds himself surrounded by suspects on all sides: a slacker administrator, a kind-hearted nurse, and a motley crew of eccentric residents. To validate his new career choice (and maybe win the girl), he must unravel the truth from a tangle of lies. 195 pages

  • Proportionate Response

    Proportionate Response

    Marks and Lip. One is a former Marine, the other is a former NSA cyber specialist. They know how to take down a target. You fix eyes on it, hit it, and exploit the site to find your next target. You proceed that way until you eventually take down the entire structure. Doing the “consultant” gig now, they’re still tracking down threats. But this threat is a doozy. A mysterious threat, known as Client 487, is intent on planting seeds of dissent that will dismantle our very way of life. The more Marks and Lip discover, the more they realize this has been going on for some time. And it’s ugly. 455 pages

  • Trinity Stones (Adapted for Young Adults): The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles #1

    Trinity Stones (Adapted for Young Adults): The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles #1

    Anxiety-ridden New York investment banker, Cara Collins, has little to smile about on her 27th birthday between a hostile work environment and her impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon. But before the day ends, she learns she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that must remain secret or risk the lives of those close to her. As Cara unravels the truth surrounding her inheritance, she makes a startling discovery: angels walk among the living, and they’re getting ready to engage in a battle that will determine the future of the human race. In the midst of these revelations, she meets mysterious and sophisticated Simon Young, who offers her the promise of romance for the first time since Kai. But when Kai and his daughter are kidnapped by dark forces, Cara must choose: accept her place in a 2,000-year-old prophecy foretold in the Trinity Stones as the First of the Twelve who will lead the final battle between good and evil . . . or risk losing everything she holds dear. ** This is the ‘Adapted for Young Adult Reader’ version of TRINITY STONES** 450 pages

  • Time Out of Joint: The Fate of a Family: Historical Novel (Based On A True Story)

    Time Out of Joint: The Fate of a Family: Historical Novel (Based On A True Story)

    What was it like to live through the most tumultuous period in recent European history? This book shows how an ordinary German family, the van Dornbachs, goes from prosperity to poverty as Hitler and the Nazi party come to dominate Germany. Beautiful young Grethe leaves for Amsterdam and Paris to live the Bohemian life. Brilliant young Siegfried seeks business success in Kentucky and Shanghai, but comes to a tragic end. Their parents and younger brother, left in Germany, do their best to try to survive the storm. We experience life in the tobacco industry of Kentucky in the 1920s, see how the student radicals of Paris coped with the movements sweeping through Europe in those years, and how the political and economic events of the 1930s and 1940s devastated everyday life. The shadow that was cast over the whole of Europe affected each member of the Dornbach family in a different way. Based on and inspired by authentic documents and correspondence brought out of Germany by the author’s father just after Kristallnacht, the pogrom of November 1938, the book provides a searing personalized account of the events of that period. 383 pages

  • Lighting Candles in the Snow

    Lighting Candles in the Snow

    Newly divorced Karoline London needs to heal and find her normal again, as older sister Suzie keeps reminding her. But what does Suzie know about divorce? She has the perfect husband and seven gorgeous children, while Karoline had six years married to a man tormented by addictions. When Karoline meets handsome Zac Kline, things just might be looking up. Until she learns about a tragic event in ex-husband Jeremy’s childhood that explains old complications, while creating new ones–complications that threaten to further obstruct Karoline’s difficult path back to herself. 294 pages

  • The Queen of Lies (Architects of the Grand Design Book 1)

    The Queen of Lies (Architects of the Grand Design Book 1)

    Maddox is a mage with dreams of immortality and a drinking problem. Heath is a faithless priest working as an assassin for hire, paired with a sentient sword. Jessa, the last daughter in a long line of Thrycean tyrants, is a timid young woman seeking to escape her domineering mother, Satryn. Rivern, the greatest city in the Protectorate, is a place of arcane magic and mechanical wonders that has stood for five hundred years as a bulwark against the tyrannical Stormlords of Thrycea. But Riven's strong foundation is beginning to crack. People are dying in their sleep, the dead are walking the streets, refugees are flooding the city, and a mysterious Harbinger has returned with dire omens that could mean the end of the Protectorate. Murder, magic and politics create a menacing tangle that the three must resolve before the Protectorate is crushed. But first they must save each other. 318 pages

  • Alien: A Girl From Another Planet Looking For Love

    Alien: A Girl From Another Planet Looking For Love

    A Sci-Fi Romantic Drama about a female human Alien from another planet, Omnibus, which parallels the Planet Earth, arrives on Earth. The Planet Omnibus got destroyed by a great meteor. April Sancral’s spirit traveled to Earth and possessed someone’s body and lived the rest of her life on Earth. She discovered she has special powers. But at heart, she is just a girl from another planet looking for love. 199 pages

  • Watershed


    Watershed is a tale of intrigue, greed and revenge set against the looming water shortage in the American Southwest.. The story is international in scope, framed against events foreshadowing a potentially vast drought catastrophe. Watershed makes it clear how easily such a calamity could happen. Watershed draws the reader into a furious, shadowy duel between a dedicated group of private citizens and a cunning, vengeful, international mogul. A hydrology engineer is killed in an airplane crash. Officially an accident. Unofficially, murder. Matt MacLeod, a friend of the victim, is summoned to assist in a secret investigation of his murder. He uncovers a ruthless international industrialist to hold the continent's water resources to ransom and trigger a perilous clash between the US and Canada. 272 pages

  • Boy Are Animals Wild!: A Conservation Story (Conservation Series)

    Boy Are Animals Wild!: A Conservation Story (Conservation Series)

    Boy Are Animals Wild! A beautifully illustrated picture story about how two brothers unite to protect wildlife and their habitats, helping to conserve wild plants and animal species. The story is an account on how one boy is mischievous in his ways, but through his brother’s good deeds, changes his outlook on animal conservation. The story gives several examples to the reader on how their actions make an impact on the daily life of animals. Recommended for reading ages 3-7 years. Grade Level: P - 2 30 pages